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GoKamas - Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)
Why buy from GoKamas ?

Since the creation of the GoKamas site, the speed of delivery has become our main objective. Over 99% of our orders are delivered between 5 and 15 minutes. At GoKamas, you can buy Dofus Kamas at a low price in order to enjoy many advantages when playing the dofus game. We have a good stock of kamas on all Dofus / Dofus Retro servers and we have reliable suppliers to ensure the delivery goes smoothly. We guarantee you an EXCELLENT service 24 hours a day, very fast and safe.

How to receive your Kamas on Dofus / Dofus Retro?

Après avoir passé la commande , notre agent vous contactera dans le jeu et vous divulgera le point de rencontre (coordonnés de la map en jeu) pour vous livrer vos Kamas. Assurez vous de pouvoir recevoir les messages privés en jeu, puis allez aux coordonnées indiquées. 99% des commandes sont livrées dans un délai de 15 minutes.

Why Cheap Dofus Kamas with Fast delivery service ?

We understand the customer’s concern for price. We go the extra mile to make sure you are getting the best deal. We have been in business for many years, many Dofus Kamas suppliers have cooperated with us, we will find the best resources to provide customers with the most competitive and cheapest prices For Dofus Kamas. We can afford to offer our Dofus Kamas at lower prices than our competition without sacrificing on the quality of service. We guarantee on-time delivery, all you have to do is keep in touch with us. You don't have to worry when there are special circumstances such as game updates or no supply on the market. If you don't want to wait, you can apply for a refund at any time. We will return the money to your account in a timely manner.

Is The Dofus Kamas For Sale Safe?

Buy Dofus Kamas can be safe or with risk. It depends on where you buy it or where you get the Kamas from. Of course, the safest way is to farm it yourself. But this is also a rather time consuming and boring method. Second safest? Purchase the Dofus Kamas from reputable sellers - GoKamas. We have a great reputation and rich experience in this range. The Dofus Kamas we sell is earned through legal means. For the security of your account, we recommend that you do not share your account information with anyone else. At the same time, keep your character away from the bots.

What should I pay attention to in order delivery?

Do Not Trust Anyone Who Wants Trade You After You Get the gold or items. We are not scammers, but you should avoid them. Please remember do not send it back to anyone for any reason; we will not be able to give you any compensation for this type of loss.

Why should I use GoKamas. are you best and safest out there?

Yes, of course! We are a legal company and we are 100% safe. If your accounts get banned while we are working on them we will give you the same account as before. We have many skillful gamers who are the best at what they do. We guarantee top quality products, fast delivery and the best customer service support, meaning that we have many returning customers.

Is it secure to pay on

You never need to worry about the security to pay on Gokamas, and your personal information will be very safely protected. Gokamas has been verified by VeriSign and McAfee. Gokamas has taken security measures to protect our customers' payment information and any other personal information. We assure all the information you submit will never be disclosed to any third parties.

How do you protect my personal data?

Client confidentiality is our top priority. The information you fill out on our website will only be used for trading and contacting you, will not be used for other purposes, and will not be obtained by any third party.

New Ideas and Suggestions? Let us know!

We hope to provide high-quality products and services to more gamers. We need constant learning and progress. Your thoughts and opinions are very important to us. Please feel free to contact us.